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Posted by Rob Alderson,

The super-rich eh? What with their barely-concealed contempt for the tax laws and their peacocks and their yachts. Particularly their yachts. Why should command of our waterways be linked to financial success? Thankfully Arno Mathies and Max Frommeld, two recent graduates from the Royal College of Art have created the unbelievable brilliant Foldboat, a flat pack rowing boat able to carry two people, fit easily in the boot of a car and a snip at just £800. In this video they tell us all about their invention, currently on show at The Dock in Portobello. Vive la revolution!

Of course we are being flippant, there’s also a really serious side to the Foldboat which could make it easier for charities to get to people in need after natural disasters like floods. Tremendous stuff and design at its best – a stylish, simple, solution.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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