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    Formallina: Extreme Knitting


Check out Polish creative Formallina's knitted heroes calendar!

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Polish creative Izabela Kaczmarek-Szurek –who works under the enigmatic name Formallina – is a multi-talented woman with a portfolio which includes painting, illustration, art direction, textile design, posters and typography design. But because it’s Friday there was really only one place to start. Her Extreme Knitting calendar is a selection of 12 of her heroes rendered in mighty impressive crochet with the portraits used on some very natty products. Hulk Hogan cushion anyone? George Michael bikini? Then there’s Britney, Bowie, Beckham (Victoria, not David), Joan Collins Kate Moss, John Travolta, Sty Stallone, Princess Diana, Paris Hilton and who I think is former Polish president Lech Wałęsa. The calendar earned her third place in a competition run by GRAFFEX magazine but she’s top of our knitted calendar pops for sure. Well worth checking out the rest of her work too.

  • David_lay_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (David Bowie)

  • David2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (David Bowie)

  • George_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (George Michael)

  • George2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (George Michael)

  • Lech_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Lech Wałęsa)

  • Lech2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Lech Wałęsa)

  • Joan_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Joan Collins)

  • Joan2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Joan Collins)

  • Hulk_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Hulk Hogan)

  • Hulk2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Hulk Hogan)

  • Brit_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Britney Spears)

  • Victoria_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Victoria Beckham)

  • Brit2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Britney Spears)

  • Victoria2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Victoria Beckham)

  • Paris_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Paris Hilton)

  • Paris2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Paris Hilton)

  • Kate_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Kate Moss)

  • Kate2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Kate Moss)

  • John_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (John Travolta)

  • John2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (John Travolta)

  • Diana_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Princess Diana)

  • Diana2_905

    Formallina: Extreme Knitting (Princess Diana)


Posted by Rob Alderson

Editor-in-Chief Rob oversees editorial across all three It’s Nice That platforms; online, print and events. He has a background in newspaper journalism and a particular interest in art, advertising and photography. He is the main host of the Studio Audience podcast.

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    Covering beer-holding Furbys, flaxen-haired Nickelback chump Chad Kroeger and laptop Scrabble, Toronto-based illustrator Brandon Celi’s subjects are as varied as his work is brilliant. He works in paint to bring to life hilarious scenarios including a reimagining of the Wizard of Oz scene where the wicked witch is crushed by a house, but this time targeting surely the most evil (aesthetically, at least) of all footwear: Crocs.

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    Christoph Niemann is one of our creative heroes, an illustrator and artist whose talent, imagination and sense of humour puts him smack bang in the top drawer. So imagine our excitement when we found out he was doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit yesterday, where he held forth on all manner of topics, from serious illustration insight to his love of butter. Here’s some of the wit and wisdom he shared…

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    Interviewing cartoonist Joe Dator is a real honour, because he’s a total hero and also a spectacular interviewee. Listen to him talk about his working life: “Everything revolves around Tuesday. The New Yorker cartoon meeting is on Tuesday, so that’s the day we all submit our new ideas to the editor…I usually work over the weekend and by Monday night I’m in full-on lockdown to get my batch of ideas ready. Wednesday is a day off. If you ever want to socialise with a New Yorker cartoonist, Wednesday is the day to do it.”

  13. Ben_mendelwicz-collage-7-int

    New York-based illustrator Ben Mendelewicz draws comics, illustrates and animates for the likes of Adult Swim, Stussy and Funny or Die. He has contributed to Mouldmap, Happiness and Weird with comic horror stories of white collar jobs with fragmented scripts of bastardised professional jargon.