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Posted by Maya Davies,

FOUND’s latest sound experiment has caught my eye with its robotic self-playing instruments – the installation explores the way stories and memories change with each telling. Visitors chose a 7" record (representing a memory) to play, but the music is warped by various sensors detecting the number of spectators, local weather, and Twitter reaction to the piece. The songs and Aidan Moffat’s overlaid narrative constantly shift and react to the context in the same way a story is shaped by the audience. #UNRAVEL’s being exhibited in Glasgow next month.

Exploring their portfolio, I also discovered other experimental music projects like this treat – a chocolate vinyl record that actually plays (!) and the fantastic Cybraphon.

Posted by Maya Davies

Maya joined It’s Nice That in 2011 as our first ever events manager as well as writing for the site, in particular about architecture. She left in the summer of 2013.