Short but very sweet handmade spot for Channel 4 from Fred & Eric

Posted by Rob Alderson,

It sounds like the dream combination – a big client and a very open brief – but more companies may follow suit based on this spot by Fred & Eric. The studio was asked by Channel 4 to come up with a creative way of plugging their new competition and they made a long-held ambition a reality – a live action, one-take coming together of handmade objects and perfectly-timed human interaction.

They’re honest enough to admit that it did take them 38 attempts to get it just right but the final piece is full of charm and energy and executes its on-trend ideas excellently.

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    Fred & Eric: 4Seven Competition spot (still)

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    Fred & Eric: 4Seven Competition spot (still)

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    Fred & Eric: 4Seven Competition spot (still)

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    Fred & Eric: 4Seven Competition spot (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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