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    Fred Lahache: Hommage à Damien, Turquie, 2013 (detail)

Photography: Fred Lahache will shame your holiday pics with his exotic shades

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

How about a photographic portfolio full of glossy stills, shiny sun-dappled limbs and bright green foliage to put your holiday pics to shame? Paris-based photographer Fred Lahache’s new series Mediterraneo captures all of the elements of two weeks on a Mediterranean beach that my own Kodak shots fail to demonstrate, dusted with sand and dribbled with ice cream as they are. Cobalt blue tiles, a boat such a perfect shade of turquoise that it almost looks like a carefully placed prop and an octopus holding hands with a holiday-goer; Fred’s eye for colour is second to none, and his stylishly characteristic images have us longing for August and a heatwave on a sunny shore.

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    Fred Lahache: Le Bobo, Corse, 2012

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    Fred Lahache: Sans titre, Theyrargues, 2012

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    Fred Lahache: Sans titre, Pont St Esprit, 2012

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    Fred Lahache: Sans titre 3, Corse, 2012

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    Fred Lahache: Pétrole, Paris, 2013

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    Fred Lahache: Hommage à Damien, Turquie, 2013

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    Fred Lahache: Le cabanon, Rayol Canadel, 2013

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    Fred Lahache: Comme si c’était possible, Turquie, 2013


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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