• Fred-tomaselli-lead

    Fred Tomaselli: Hang Over (Leaves, pills, acrylic, resin on wood panel. 84 × 120 in)

Fred Tomaselli's huge explosions of colour and detail will boggle your mind, guaranteed

Posted by Catherine Gaffney,

Caifornian born, Brooklyn-based artist Fred Tomaselli’s images are an utter explosion of detail; leaves, pills, images of eyes and mouths, and acrylic-painted forms drape, interlace, and overlap to reproduce incredible visuals that evoke fairy-tale illustration and freewheeling psychadelica alike. A graduate in painting and drawing, Tomaselli executes much of his massive work on wooden panels, bestowing the works with a bygone or otherworldly air. The forest scenes, birds, and landscapes are mesmerising enough, but keep zooming – and the image fragments into yet more discovery–- building-blocks of butterflies, herbs, photography. Woah.

  • Ft1

    Fred Tomaselli: Geodem (Leaves, photocollage, acrylic, gouache and resin on wood panel 24 X 24 inches)

  • Ft2

    Fred Tomaselli: Migrant Fruit Thugs (Photocollage, leaves, acrylic, gouache and resin on wood panel, 78 X 96 inches)

  • Ft3

    Fred Tomaselli: Abductor (Leaves, photocollage, acrylic and resin on wood panel, 96 X 78 inche)

  • Ft4

    Fred Tomaselli: Avian Flower Serpent (Leaves, Photocollage, Acrylic, Gouache and Resin on wood panel, 84 X 72 1/2 inches)

  • Ft5

    Fred Tomaselli: Big Eye (Photocollage, acrylic, resin on wood panel, 82 X 82 inches)


Posted by Catherine Gaffney

Catherine joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Trinity College Dublin and Central Saint Martins. She wrote for the site between June and August 2012.