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    Worth1000: Jaqueline Black

"Is that Nicholas Cage?" Yes, yes it is. Welcome to Gender Bending

Posted by Liv Siddall,

It would be ridiculous for us to post every meme we come across (bear in mind, if you will, that we prowl the internet for content literally all day) but sometimes it’s just the right thing to do. People get cross sometimes if you refer to photoshopping as an “artform” but can you really deny the sheer craftsmanship in these celebrity face-swaps? Watch gleefully as all your favourite (or most hated) male celebrities have their nice faces ’shopped onto the bodies of their female counterparts. Hats off to you meme makers, not just for carrying this feat out with such care, but also for choosing the most perfect, feminine facial expressions for each one.

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    Worth1000: Hugue Lauri

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    Worth1000: Mrs Hanks

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    Worth1000: Gender Bending

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    Worth1000: Gender Bending

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    Worth1000: Gender Bending

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    Worth1000: Gender Bending

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    Worth1000: Gender Bending


Posted by Liv Siddall

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