• Neil-young_-northern-california_-1988-graham-nash

    Graham Nash: Niel Young, Northern California, 1988 © Graham Nash

Super cool rock and roll portraits by Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and... fame

Posted by Rob Alderson,

There’s a visceral thrill in discovering that someone really creative has another string to their bow that you were previously unaware of – and that’s exactly how we felt when we came across the photographs of Graham Nash. Most famous as a musician from seminal 70s bands like The Hollies and Crosby, Stills and Nash, Graham spliced his career with a passion for portrait photography, some of which has just gone on show in Lodnon. With amazing access to the likes of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, Graham combines his rock and roll sensibility with a mighty impressive eye for composition.

He says: "I sense the very same energy in photography that I find in music. Through these rock ’n’ roll photos we are conveying what is so difficult to put into words: how the spirit of rock ’n’ roll is mainly an attitude; an attitude of ‘get out of my way, I have something to say here.’ Whether you’re a country singer, a pop, rock, blues, or gospel singer, it makes little difference to the unceasing eye of the camera.”

Graham Nash: Life on the Road is on show at Proud Camden until May 26.

  • Ecee212f-1

    Graham Nash: Sandy Mazzeo, Calli and Nash at a funfair in Southampton, 1974 © Graham Nash

  • Graham-nash_-self-portrait_-plaza-hotel_-1974-graham-nash-1

    Graham Nash: Self Portrait, Plaza Hotel, 1974 © Graham Nash

  • Joni-listening-to-music_-1969-graham-nash

    Graham Nash: Joni Listening To Music, 1969 © Graham Nash

  • Neil-driving-home_-northern-california_-1988-graham-nash

    Graham Nash: Neil Driving Home, Northern California, 1988 © Graham Nash

  • Neil-at-stephen's-house_-studio-city_-1970-graham-nash

    Graham Nash: Neil at Stephen’s House, Studio City, 1970 © Graham Nash

  • Judy-collins-and-stephen-stills_-sag-harbour_-new-york_-1969-graham-nash

    Graham Nash: Judy Collins and Stephen Stills, Sag harbour, New York, 1969 © Graham Nash


Posted by Rob Alderson

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