Film: The story of a 96-year-old man's musical tribute to his late wife

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Now I know that for some of you this is going to be too cheesy by half and that’s ok – I recommend you give this video a miss and carry on with your lives. But for some of you this charming piece of storytelling is sure to strike a chord. When the Green Shoe Studio launched an online community songwriting contest, they were surprised to receive one entry packaged up in a large envelope. It was sent in by 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh who had penned a tribute to his wife of 75 years called Oh Sweet Lorraine. Moved by the simplicity of the sentiments and intrigued by the story, Green Shoe got back to Fred and made his song a reality.

From the backing music to the photo slideshow of the couple’s life together, some may feel the emotion is being laid on a bit thick but I think when all said and done this is a story well worth sharing.

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    Green Shoe Studio: A Letter From Fred (still)

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    Green Shoe Studio: A Letter From Fred (still)

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    Green Shoe Studio: A Letter From Fred (still)

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    Green Shoe Studio: A Letter From Fred (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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