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    Greg Eason: Block Universe (photo by Hellovon)

Greg Eason takes on some big themes in his latest thought-provoking work

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Artist Greg Eason’s latest work addresses some pretty weighty subject matter – mortality, religion, spirituality, apocalypse and anthropocene. Fascinated by the nature of time as “abstract, unstable and ultimately void,” Greg envisaged his recent show at The Contemporary London Block Universe as a “fourth dimension” but it’s a measure of his talents that his work retains an accessibility, working on whichever level the viewer chooses to engage with it.

HIs delicate pencil creations of mysterious eggs and mangled skulls sit alongside prints and an interesting 3D triptych called Knee of which he says: "My pencil work has always been about negative space and presenting an idea concisely. I wanted to bring some colour into this show in a way that didn’t clash with this minimal aesthetic.

“I experimented with hundreds of papers, cards, plastics and woods to find a surface for the triptych which would allow colour to sit, but in a way that could only be viewed from a close viewpoint. Standing back, it appears as skulls on a black material, and viewed next to the drawings on white, they compliment each other, as a kind of negative, the objects carefully positioned in a void of space. Up close however, Knee presents the idea of a universe breaking up, with a rainbow colour aesthetic.”

Weighty it may be, but we need artists exploring these kind of ideas and we’re confident Greg is just the guy to do it.

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    Greg Eason: Block Universe (photo by Hellovon)

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    Greg Eason: Block Universe (photo by Hellovon)

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    Greg Eason: Block Universe (photo by Hellovon)

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    Greg Eason: Block Universe (photo by Hellovon)

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    Greg Eason: Block Universe (photo by Hellovon)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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