What do you think happens when you leave your dinner unattended in a safari park?

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Have you ever hosted a raucous dinner party where the room is left demolished after a chaotic night of eating and drinking? Take that situation, swap the guests for wild vultures and your dining room for a national park and this video captures that scene pretty perfectly. In perhaps one of the best videos we’ve all seen for a long time, artist Greta Alfaro has placed what looks like a Thanksgiving dinner complete with cutlery, plates, tablecloth – you name it – in the middle of a safari park and set up a camera to record the action. The suspense is pretty intense, you know what’s coming, but when it does, it is surprisingly savage.

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    Greta Alfaro: In Ictu Oculi

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    Greta Alfaro: In Ictu Oculi

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    Greta Alfaro: In Ictu Oculi

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    Greta Alfaro: In Ictu Oculi


Posted by Liv Siddall

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