Advertising: Terrific new Guardian advert by BBH is a shed-fire hit

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Afternoon dragging a bit? Crying out for some LOLZ? Alrighty then. The Guardian has treated us to some impressive ads before (notably in the multi-award-winning Three Little Pigs) and by jove they’ve done it again. Ahead of a special issue this weekend packed full of suggestions for things to see and do, this spot from BBH London warns of the perils of trying to do EVERYTHING they recommend yourself. In one, long panning shot the piece unfolds as we see the results of one man’s overreaching folly, and there’s a lovely pay-off with an early contender for slogan of the year. Shed’s on fire!

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    BBH: The Guardian – Use In Moderation

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    BBH: The Guardian – Use In Moderation

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    BBH: The Guardian – Use In Moderation

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    BBH: The Guardian – Use In Moderation


Posted by Rob Alderson

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