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    HaYoung Kim: Ribbon Man

Strawberry Cheese Guts Cake anyone? Nice psychedelia from HaYoung Kim

Posted by James Cartwright,

Saturated colours, thick swathes of acrylic and bug-eyed characters all feature heavily in the work of Ha Young Kim. Her vast pop-art inspired canvases take visual cues from the likes of Takashi Murakami, Roy Lichtenstein and the late, great Andy Warhol. Like her pop-art predecessors, HaYoung’s work is heavy on recurring motifs, regularly interspersed with vacant genderless faces, chaotic cloud formations and bulging dismembered eyes. She also shares a penchant for thick black line work filled with vibrant colour.

The London-based South Korean graduated from the Royal Academy last year where she spent two years honing her skills with postgraduate study. Since then she’s been busy making a name for herself on the London art scene, exhibiting all over the city in group and solo shows. She’s already won a prestigious Jerwood Prize for her chaotic paintings and with names like Critical Face and Strawberry Cheese Guts Cake it’s no wonder. We guarantee you’ll be seeing an awful lot more of HaYoung’s paintings over the coming years. Nice!

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    HaYoung Kim: Hidden In You

  • Hayoungkim4

    HaYoung Kim: Identification Defense

  • Hayoungkim5

    HaYoung Kim: Heart On Your Sleeve

  • Hayoungkim6

    HaYoung Kim: Only Can Watch

  • Hayoungkim7

    HaYoung Kim: Strawberry Cheese Guts Cake

  • Hayoungkim8

    HaYoung Kim: Making Pathos

  • Hayoungkim10

    HaYoung Kim: Critical Face

  • Hayoungkim12

    HaYoung Kim: Eat In And Out

  • Hayoungkim14

    HaYoung Kim: Antidepressant Girls


Posted by James Cartwright

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