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    Harmless Creatures: The Lion (detail)

Harmless Creatures re-imagine Wizard of Oz characters with tremendous costumes

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Few books have seeped into our collective cultural consciousness more than The Wizard of Oz so it takes some effort to breathe new life into it. However Dublin-based duo Sadhbh Doherty and Clare Geraghty, aka Harmless Creatures, have done just that with these costumes for the Dorothy’s three companions, The Lion, The Tin Man and The Scarecrow. It’s definitely the Lion made out of old VHS tape (perhaps a comment on the popularity of the film version?) that floats our boat the most but the others are interesting too, nicely unsettling and flawlessly executed. We’re certainly not in Kansas any more.

  • Lionfull002

    Harmless Creatures: The Lion

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    Harmless Creatures: The Lion

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    Harmless Creatures: Straw Man

  • Tinmanfull002

    Harmless Creatures: Tin Man


Posted by Rob Alderson

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