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    Heather Cleary: Corner Table

Perfect composition makes for some serious eye-trickery courtesy of Heather Cleary

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Really great portfolio of still-life photography here from Heather Cleary, showcasing her enviable ability to create seemingly 2D collages out of 3D scenarios. Unlike some still-life photographers whose style is immediately recognisable, Heather has a curious knack of making each image almost entirely different to the last. Jumping from illusionary images of the corners of tables to a very impressive shot of the effect the shape of a woman’s chest has on the polka-dot pattern of her t-shirt – the notion of eye-trickery and perspective is palpable, and very effective.

Of her own work she says:“Reality can be impossible to pin down, and these images intend to further explore this notion… By selecting, modifying, segmenting, and/or isolating items from their context, I pull objects from utility into abstraction. I make the mundane questionable, playfully dubious. In this way, these photographs explore the relationship between impartial objects and personal perceptions, focusing on the subtleties that produce multiple layers of experience."

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    Heather Cleary: Magazine

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    Heather Cleary: Dot Matrix

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    Heather Cleary: Same book, different fonts

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    Heather Cleary: Untitled


Posted by Liv Siddall

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