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    Henrique Oliveira: Ursulinens Prolapse

Immersive sculptures of giant intestines from Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira

Posted by James Cartwright,

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira creates immersive sculptures and installations the likes of which we’ve never seen. Fashioned predominantly from found timbers, Henrique’s complex structures imitate organic forms and biological oddities that are simultaneously alluring and repellant. Works with names like Ursulinens Prolapse suggest a very direct link with the artist’s own bodily functions, seemingly creating a giant intestine for viewers to wander through. But despite this gastric link Henrique’s works are utterly appealing and undoubtedly impress with both their skill and scale.

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    Henrique Oliveira: Ursulinens Prolapse

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    Henrique Oliveira: Ursulinens Prolapse

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    Henrique Oliveira: Ursulinens Prolapse

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    Henrique Oliveira: Ursulinens Prolapse

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    Henrique Oliveira: Cascasa

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    Henrique Oliveira: Caramboxido


Posted by James Cartwright

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