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    Lucy McRae: Robyn Album Cover

Our new Here profile focusses on stunning Australian body architect Lucy McRae

Posted by Rob Alderson,

As job titles go, “body architect” is so impossibly cool it sounds made-up. But Australian-born, Amsterdam-based Lucy McRae has made the term her own having fused her classical ballet training with her unique design vision to create work that straddles sculpture, architecture, science, and fashion design, manipulating the body’s natural structure to invent novel anatomical forms.

It’s mesmerising stuff – living subjects coated, injected and bathed with other-worldly embellishments to create new bodies of exquisite imperfection and they’re imbued with a haunting visceral realism that has become her creative insignia.

Whether it’s high-end fashion shoots,music videos, album covers for the likes of Robyn or collaborations with huge names like Nick Knight and long-time creative partner Bart Hess or her fascinating personal projects Lucy’s work has continued to amaze and delight in equal measure and we can but wonder at the meticulous planning and preparation that goes into each one.

But at Here, Lucy who was this year named a TED fellow, will talk about the role accidental discoveries play in her creative process and how her best laid plans can go off in weird and wonderful directions thanks to the intervention of happenstance.

Hearing such a unique talent delve into her own methods promises to be a richly rewarding experience. Here takes place on Friday September 21 at London’s Royal Geographical Society. For more information and tickets click here

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    Lucy McRae: Robyn Album Cover

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    Lucy McRae: Robyn Album Cover

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    Lucy McRae: Robyn Album Covers

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    Lucy McRae: Becoming Transnatural campaign

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    Lucy McRae: Art direction/photography for Michael Kampe

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    Lucy McRae: Art direction/photography for Michael Kampe

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    Lucy McRae: Art direction/photography for Michael Kampe

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    Lucy McRae: Art direction/photography for Michael Kampe


Posted by Rob Alderson

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