Legs, bums, tums and an old people's home in Jordan Dodson's mad new video

Posted by James Cartwright,

We’ve got simple tastes when it comes to music videos. If they include the most infectious guitar riff we’ve heard all year, flashing, disorientating imagery, a suggestive amount of bare flesh or the inexplicable appearance of an infant child we’re pretty much guaranteed to be impressed. If by some fluke of music video alchemy they contain all of the above ingredients with the addition of comically placed tube socks, an old people’s home and a whacking great pillow fight then heck, you may have just created our favourite music video ever! Which is exactly what New Zealand video-maker Jordan Dodson has achieved with his latest promo for Heroes For Sale. Prepare to have some (OBVIOUSLY NSFW) fun!

  • Hfs-1

    Jordan Dodson: Jim Morrison (still)

  • Hfs-3

    Jordan Dodson: Jim Morrison (still)

  • Hfs-5

    Jordan Dodson: Jim Morrison (still)

  • Hfs-4

    Jordan Dodson: Jim Morrison (still)


Posted by James Cartwright

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