Product Design: This woman is wearing a bicycle helmet. What!?

Posted by James Cartwright,

Hövding is a mind-blowing new device that offers head protection for cyclists, particularly those commuting in built-up areas. It’s the result of seven years of hard research and development by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, two Swedish product designers with an extraordinary commitment to their cause. Together they’ve developed a product that could revolutionise the way people protect themselves while cycling in cities – though for some reason they’re relatively unknown despite having produced the invisible helmet for over a year.

It’s hard to describe exactly how their product works without ruining the surprise at the end of the video above, so I’ll keep it very simple: If you cycle, ever, you NEED to see this. Enjoy!

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    The Invisible Bicycle Helmet (still)

  • H%c3%b6vding-1

    The Invisible Bicycle Helmet (still)

  • H%c3%b6vding-4

    The Invisible Bicycle Helmet (still)

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    The Invisible Bicycle Helmet (still)


Posted by James Cartwright

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