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Huxiao Jiang

Posted by Alex Moshakis,

Huxiao Jiang’s blog is in Chinese, and word heavy. We translated some of it, because it’s fun to use Google translate and also because we wanted to know what was going on. One line reads: “the door was a fool, a room full of wallpaper.” And another: “I dream of burglary, including the house of my parents. It seems that Grandpa has just returned home.”

We’ve no idea what he’s talking about, but thankfully, sandwiched between the (very weird) words, are (equally weird, surreal and often dark) pieces of illustration well worth stumbling across. Bear with it, be rewarded.

Via We Find Wildness.


Posted by Alex Moshakis

Alex originally joined It’s Nice That as a designer but moved into editorial and oversaw the It’s Nice That magazine from Issue Six (July 2011) to Issue Eight (March 2012) before moving on that summer.