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Ian Sailer

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

lan Sailer’s Flickr is a danger to your productivity. His photos depict the exact moment when a detonation mini-rig/pellet rifle he’s firing makes an everyday object explode and the high-speed flash he built in his garage capture the spectacular obliteration. Food-stuffs are the primary victims with customised baubles coming in a close second. The sheer plethora of destructive experimentation and precision image-making recalls the iconic Harold Edgerton and his images of nuclear explosions – from the other end of the scale spectrum but captured in the same thousandth of a second that Sailer utilises to such unreal effect.


Posted by Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.