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    Ibán Ramón: The Land

The awkward clash between man and nature — the photography of Ibán Ramón

Posted by Liv Siddall,

We all know that being a full-time graphic designer can encroach upon a very large portion of your life, leaving little time for many extracurricular activities. This is why we should be especially appreciative of the photography of Ibán, one half of design studio Ibán Ramón + Dídac Ballester. Professional graphic designer by day, Ibán moonlights as a rather impressive photographer, predominantly documenting the strange, awkward way that man clashes with nature, his photographs tend to be misty and speak of deserted landscapes that have not been looked at for some time. For him to bring these kind of tender, desolate areas to our attention is something we should be very grateful for. Keep up the moonlighting, Ibán!

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    Ibán Ramón: The Trees

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    Ibán Ramón: The Trees

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    Ibán Ramón: Altered Land

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    Ibán Ramón: Altered Land

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    Ibán Ramón: Meeting Points – The Beach

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    Ibán Ramón: Photography

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    Ibán Ramón: Photography


Posted by Liv Siddall

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