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Ikea in Swedish shows how to pronounce the names of your favourite furnishings

Posted by James Cartwright,

We’ve all been there, cruising through Ikea’s giant field of homeware dreams only to find that the geometric patterned rug you’ve travelled for hours to purchase isn’t available on the shop floor. Off you go to find the nearest assistant to fetch you one from out back, and then you freeze. How do you even pronounce the name of the thing? “Hall-knop,” you mutter apologetically. “Haller-um…” the disdainful look from the yellow-clad employee is enough to send you scurrying away so that no other customers can overhear your linguistic failings. You head straight for the door and return to your woefully spartan flat empty-handed.

Well, all that retail angst is now a thing of the past thanks to a new innovation from Alexander Norling and his small team of collaborators. Ikea in Swedish is a website that handily offers audio recordings of the names of your favourite Ikea products (it’s pronounced ‘hellerknoop’ you numpty) meaning you’ll never struggle to buy modestly-priced furniture again. Phew!

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Posted by James Cartwright

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