Henry McCausland: Untitled

Work / Illustration

Illustration: Adventuring illustration by the wonderful Henry McCausland

Some of these drawings look like scenes from a post-apocalyptic world, one where kids have been let loose and started building incredible forts on top of the roofs of overgrown old cement blocks. Henry’s sandy, driftwood strewn scapes actually remind me a little of the exceptional and ecocentric Beasts of the Southern Wild: his grey and wooden swap home even looks a tiny bit like the hand-made hut that little Hushpuppy lives in.

There seem to be fragmented narratives contained in the scratchy lines of Henry’s work, and I love the rich, pomegranate colour palette that he uses for flora. We’ve been fans of Henry’s dense and delicate pictures for quite a while, ever since 2011 when we first wrote about his work, and we felt that because of how extraordinarily good he is, we should update you on some of his recent, spell-binding work.


Henry McCausland: Secret Base Party


Henry McCausland: Untitled


Henry McCausland: Sunset Blvd.


Henry McCausland: Don’t Touch the Floor


Henry McCausland: Escape