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Illustration: Spectacular faux movie posters from illustrator Jangojim

I love projects that are an homage to something cool from days gone by. I even get a bit weepy when I see the statue of Prince Albert outside The Royal Albert Hall that a heartbroken Queen Victoria commissioned. This project by Belgian illustrator Jangojim is not one of heartache and desolation, but a series of film posters created with his pal Anton Van Steelandtas as an homage to two mysterious Belgian filmmakers, The Jangton Brothers.

One of the posters is for a film called The Battle of Loo Water and, in Jangojim’s words is “A historical epic tale with grand battles and costumed actors. When a stray cannonball hits the sewers of Napoleon’s golden toilet, the Battle of Waterloo becomes the most pungent war ever fought. The green fields are flooded brown while everything in the path is swept away. When all is said and done a plague of mutated plants breaks free at epidemic proportions.” If that’s not worth making a poster for I don’t know what is. Check out the rest of his comics and illustrations over on his pretty funny blog.


Jangojim: The Battle of Loo Water


Jangojim: Voodoo Vegas


Jangojim: Pizza Ninja


Jangojim: Peacock


Jangojim: Flyer


Jangojim: Virtual Reality


Jangojim: Boktor Magazine


Jangojim: Flowers