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    Lasse Wandschneider: Bildschirmfoto

Illustration: Step into the psychedelic wonderland of Berlin-based illustrator Lasse Wandschneider

Posted by Liv Siddall,

PHWOAAARRRRR this is pretty good isn’t it? A veritable smörgåsbord‎ of pastel loveliness here from Berlin-based illustrator and fantastically named Lasse Wandschneider. Lasse’s work is qualification enough to let him into that amazing club of illustrators whose initiation process is all down to their work being at once helplessly naive yet secretly incredibly clever. From decisions such as leaving the Photoshop checkerboard in, or taking a sketchbook doodle and colouring it in properly to make a final piece, this is the kind of bold, reckless illustration that leaves me weak at the knees and longing to put some sort of crass zine of adorable characters together immediately. If only I had the skills to match his. While you’re here, check out Lasse’s online mood-board, it’s an absolute treasure trove of imagery.

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    Lasse Wandschneider: Cover sketch

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    Lasse Wandschneider: Forester

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    Lasse Wandschneider: Untitled

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    Lasse Wandschneider: Crisis, dripping

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    Lasse Wandschneider: Crisis, dripping

  • 7

    Lasse Wandschneider: Sports in the Woods

  • 8

    Lasse Wandschneider: Old Neighbours

  • 9

    Lasse Wandschneider: Winter is Coming

  • 10

    Lasse Wandschneider: Happy Hippos

  • 11

    Lasse Wandschneider: Quick! Quick! Quick!

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    Lasse Wandschneider: Comic with empty panels


Posted by Liv Siddall

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