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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: Illustration

Illustration: Wistful, French funny-time from illustrator Sarah-Louise Barbett

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Wow! What a find. We stumbled across Sarah-Louise Barbett’s funny, sweet illustrations on the good ship Flickr, where she has been harvesting her drawings for a few years now. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact flavour of magic present in her work, I think that it’s something to do with the fact that most of her drawings look like doodles she may have made on napkins whilst waiting for a tardy friend. From acid-green stories about dogs, to mechanical pencil drawings of cosy interiors (there’s one of a makeshift den in a living room, and a great one of a parquet floor) Sarah’s got a knack of drawing in a simultaneously stylish and hilarious way of which I am rather envious.

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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: chien japonais

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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: En retard

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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: Un piièce

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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: Des Cartons

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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: Un diner en famille

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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: Salle

  • 10

    Sarah-Louise Barbett: Toiture

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    Sarah-Louise Barbett: Dormir


Posted by Liv Siddall

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