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Illustration: Amazing editorial illustration from Kyoto's Studio Takeuma

Posted by Liv Siddall,

We don’t post nearly enough about Japanese artists, so it’s our very special pleasure to introduce Takeuma and his cheerful editorial illustration. Takeuma’s choice of colours mixed with his ever-optimistic cartoon-style make him the perfect candidate to illustrate lengthy magazine articles, which the people of Japan seem to have cottoned on to and have subsequently been commissioning him to spice up the pages of their weeklies for a long while now. Maybe it’s the cryptic Japanese characters alongside his drawings that make them sing, or maybe it’s just Takenama’s knack for representing the human race in the best light possible, but something about his images gives off a friendly kind of magic. I mean come on, he can even make a stapler look fun.

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    Studio Takeuma: 日経マネー 扉絵

  • 1

    Studio Takeuma: Corkscrew

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    Studio Takeuma: 日経マネー 扉絵

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    Studio Takeuma: クロネコ

  • 4

    Studio Takeuma: 日経マネー 表紙

  • 5

    Studio Takeuma: バス

  • 9

    Studio Takeuma: 日経マネー 扉絵

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    Studio Takeuma: 日経マネー 扉絵

  • 11

    Studio Takeuma: 大脱走

  • St

    Studio Takeuma: エスカレーター

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    Studio Takeuma: FULL HOUSE

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    Studio Takeuma: Stapler


Posted by Liv Siddall

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