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    Darren Solomon: In B Flat 2.0

Darren Solomon's In B Flat 2.0 let's you make music from Youtube clips

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s impossible to imagine a world without Youtube now. There used to be a time when homemade films belonged at weekend screenings with your grandparents and music videos lived only on a place called MTV. Remember that? But now we have a beautiful online repository for stifled creativity and Justin Bieber fan videos and our lives are that little bit richer for it.

Take Darren Solomon’s In B Flat 2.0 for example, a large bank of musical and spoken word Youtube videos gathered by the artist and international collaborators. It’s a terrific example of pushing the medium to new heights by allowing users to create their own musical experiences, compositing selections of video and controlling their levels through Youtube’s standard interface. Each video is in the same key, so there’s no danger of bum notes ruining your audio experience, and the spoken word pieces are all reassuringly uplifting.

It might not have the same thrill as seeing a live musical performance, but you’ve got to appreciate the sheer enjoyment of seeing people from all over the globe get together to make music – however trite that might sound. Youtube, we salute you!

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    Darren Solomon: In B Flat 2.0

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    Darren Solomon: In B Flat 2.0

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    Darren Solomon: In B Flat 2.0

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    Darren Solomon: In B Flat 2.0


Posted by James Cartwright

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