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    Intelligent Clashing (detail)

Publication: Lovely blog Intelligent Clashing is now available in print form

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

Predictably, the beautifully-curated visual resource Intelligent Clashing – a blog which places images together into a seemingly neverending stream of shapes, colours, textiles, patterns and prints which all share some kind of resemblance to the image which precede them – translates perfectly into an equally well-curated publication of the same name, subtitled Something Tremendous Has Happened.

Widely skirting the borders of twee and cutesy and instead stumbling happily into the perimeters of absurd, unexpected and completely brilliant, the time devoted by artist and writer Rhiannon Gilmore to piecing together all of the fragments of which Intelligent Clashing is composed has paid off 100-fold. The blog sits happily amongst others of the same intent, providing a stream of visual inspiration to readers all over the place, and its printed equivalent is equally lovely, featuring visual essays compiled by Rhiannon, photographs by artist Mary Manning and an essay by Nathan Walker. One to keep within arm’s length at all time just in case you need a spark of inspiration.

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    Intelligent Clashing

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    Intelligent Clashing

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    Intelligent Clashing

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    Intelligent Clashing: Something Tremendous Has Happened

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    Intelligent Clashing: Something Tremendous Has Happened

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    Intelligent Clashing: Something Tremendous Has Happened


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

Editorial Assistant Maisie joined It’s Nice That fresh out of university in the summer of 2013 and has stayed with us ever since. She has a particular interest in art, fashion and photography and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.