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Introducing…Luke Pelletier's vibrant artwork is right up our street

Posted by Holly Wilkins,

It’s hard to believe that Luke Pelletier (painter, printmaker, musician AND skateboarder) is at the ripe age of 20 with already such an splendid portfolio. Currently living in Chicago, Luke clearly has no time to clean his studio as he is constantly churning out artworks from paintings, large murals and even a pinball machine (so awesome). Luke’s art work is full of energy, and varies depending on his mood or what he is doing at the time. Passionate and dedicated, Luke has real talent, be sure to keep an eye on him.

Where do you work?

My apartment in Chicago.

How does your working day start?

I usually mix paint. Recently, I’ve just been using pre-mixed house paint. So I’ve just been going at it right away.

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?

On the train or in my bed. Haha I usually clock as many hours as I can before I go to bed.

Would you intern for yourself?

Probably not, I hate stretching canvases, so that’s what the job would mostly entail. That, and gesso-ing stuff. I’d probably make my intern go to the post office for me too. It would be a lame job.


Lately, I’ve been hooked on the Collective History blog, it’s so good. I have some artists that I’m always looking at: Ben Jensen, John Malta, Miles Jackson, Sheryo, The Yok, Sean Morris, Dillon Froelich, Eric McHenry, Michael Hsiung, Austin England, and a bunch of other dudes.

How do you work and how has it changed?

I try and only do things I’m stoked on, so I guess my art changes as the things I’m interested in change. Sometimes I’ll spend a month on a piece and sometimes I’ll spend 15 minutes on another. I just try and make things I really believe in.

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    Luke Pelletier: Untitled

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    Luke Pelletier: Untitled

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    Luke Pelletier: Untitled

  • 8266330414_a4580109c5_b

    Luke Pelletier: Untitled

  • Tumblr_mcu6ccmicz1r6vqczo1_1280

    Luke Pelletier: Pinball Machine

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    Luke Pelletier: Untitled

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    Luke Pelletier: Untitled


Posted by Holly Wilkins

Holly worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at Leeds University and working in the PR industry in Los Angeles for a short period. She wrote for the site between March and May 2013.