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Jack Siegel

Posted by Alex Moshakis,

New York-based photographer Jack Siegel’s work is downright cool. In fact, it’s so on-trend it’s difficult to see past its content to measure its merit. Are his pictures good because they’re good pictures? Or because he’s photographing good-looking people in good-looking places having what seems to be a super-fun time? We think the former (albeit with a bit of the latter thrown in for good measure). Siegel’s work epitomises current photographic trends in tone and aesthetic, but there is personality here, and emotion, and decent craft – a real acknowledgment of what makes a photograph a good one.


Posted by Alex Moshakis

Alex originally joined It’s Nice That as a designer but moved into editorial and oversaw the It’s Nice That magazine from Issue Six (July 2011) to Issue Eight (March 2012) before moving on that summer.