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    Jacob Hashimoto: The Other Sun

Jacob Hashimoto's high-flying installation is a real wonder at the Ronchini Gallery

Posted by Catherine Gaffney,

Now, here’s a high-flying artist – since completing a degree in fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jacob Hashimoto has had his installations exhibited all over the world. What’s more, his primary material these days is… kites! Using plain and patterned papers strung up by bamboo framing networks, he constructs site-specific artworks comprised of these kite-elements, that seek to challenge the conventional boundaries between pictorial and sculpted space.

Hashimoto’s The Other Sun is the Brooklyn-based artist’s first solo UK exhibition, and has just opened to the public at the London’s Ronchini Gallery, in conjunction with Studio La Città. Viewers can enter into the space and appreciate the playful kite-work from a variety of angles; the suspended discs, both plain and patterned, are reminiscent of children’s mobiles, and as the audience moves around the work, different elements may combine to form simple representational shapes until they are fragmented again by their continued movement.

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    Jacob Hashimoto: The Other Sun

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    Jacob Hashimoto: The Other Sun

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    Jacob Hashimoto: The Other Sun

The Other Sun will be on show at London’s Ronchini Gallery until August 28.


Posted by Catherine Gaffney

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