• Jade-lead

    Jade Fourès-Varnier: Eye Of The Tiger

Sculpture: Jade Fourès-Varnier's giant sunnies are pure pop art perfection

Posted by James Cartwright,

Though we’d definitely argue that the internet doesn’t do justice to sculptural work – you’ve just got to see that stuff in the flesh to enjoy it properly – we reckon Jade Fourès-Varnier’s sculptures are probably the closest you’ll get to a web-friendly piece of 3D art. These giant (and I do mean giant, they’re about the length of a large man) pairs of specs have been laboriously hand-made, their lenses filled with cinematic scenes of natural disasters, scenic beauty and actual movie stills. The results are spectacular – the contrast between these garish fashion items and the vast expanse of the natural world serving as a glaring reminder of the bizarre reality we inhabit.

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    Jade Fourès-Varnier: Tungurahua

  • Jade-3

    Jade Fourès-Varnier: Pinatubo II

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    Jade Fourès-Varnier: Malaysia Hills

  • Jade-5

    Jade Fourès-Varnier: Los Alfaques

  • Jade-6

    Jade Fourès-Varnier: Lolita

  • Jade-7

    Jade Fourès-Varnier: L.A. Highway

  • Jade-9

    Jade Fourès-Varnier: Into The Space


Posted by James Cartwright

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