• Rolling-masterplan-1

    Jägnefält Milton: Rolling Masterplan

A city on wheels? Architect Jägnefält Milton has to be a genius

Posted by Anya Lawrence,

Things on wheels are great fun; roller coasters, those food-carrying miniature trains at Christmas oh and cities. Yep cities. The latter sounds like something out of a ridiculous, futuristic and somewhat over-optimistic film but architect Jägnefält Milton has made the seemingly impossible possible and designed an entire rolling city on wheels.

Creatively making use of the old industry train tracks in the Norwegian city of Andalsnes, his proposal instantly solves the issue of over-friendly neighbours and that pining for something new without the hassle of moving house in the traditional sense – just roll it along the tracks and hey presto, problem solved.

And just in case 100 rolling houses isn’t impressive enough for you (what planet are you from?!), the city comes complete with a concert hall, public baths, hotel and even a park. I guess Jägnefält isn’t one to do things by halves then.

  • Rolling-masterpiece-3

    Jägnefält Milton: Rolling Masterplan

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    Jägnefält Milton: Rolling Masterplan

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    Jägnefält Milton: Rolling Masterplan

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    Jägnefält Milton: Rolling Masterplan


Posted by Anya Lawrence

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