Jake Fried produces a knockout piece of animation with the aid of coffee (literally)

Posted by James Cartwright,

Boston resident Jake Fried has already impressed us once before with his outlandish talent for mind-bendingly complex animation. But just as we started to think his luxuriously detailed and surreal creations couldn’t get any more elaborate, he’s returned with yet another impressive piece of stop-motion for your pleasure. As is customary with Mr Fried, his materials are limited and simple, although for The Deep End he’s added another medium to his usual ink and white-out partnership; coffee. Here’s to 60 seconds of the most complex caffeinated film-making you’re ever likely to witness!

  • Fried-1

    Jake Fried: The Deep End (still)

  • Fried-2

    Jake Fried: The Deep End (still)

  • Fried-3

    Jake Fried: The Deep End (still)

  • Fried-4

    Jake Fried: The Deep End (still)


Posted by James Cartwright

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