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    Jasmine Deporta: Lolita

Very nicely gauged fashion story by dream-like photographer Jasmine Deporta

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Jasmine Deporta has photographed a very nice fashion story for can you keep a secret? which is casual but very well-styled and shot from a number of views that play to a man-sat-in-chair-watching perspective; which of course is suggestive, but intelligently so. They have a quality of floating (sometimes literally) but in a totally non-lame way, just as suspended moments of impermanence that make you think “ah youth” right before you learn the title of the series Lolita and then they become something else entirely.

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    Jasmine Deporta: Lolita

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    Jasmine Deporta: Lolita

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    Jasmine Deporta: Lolita


Posted by Bryony Quinn

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