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A jaw dropping light spectacular without any Z list celeb switch on nonsense!

Posted by Ross Bryant,

My earliest memory of a light show could be termed rather loosely as lavish, for this was a UK seaside switch-on parade in 1995. As the wind blew an icy chill and the rain lashed at our faces, a scattered crowd assembled to catch a glimpse of the Gladiator star Wolf in what was, and has always been, an entirely inappropriate battle ready leotard.

In total contrast to this is the jaw dropping winter illuminations at Nabano no Sato’s botanical garden. It has been described as the best winter light show in all of Japan, but this huge, elaborately festive delight is possibly the greatest illuminated garden in the world! Containing millions of sparkling LED lights, the park always contains a running theme that this year concentrated on nature, creating beautiful sunrise scenes and rainbows stretching across the landcape in the process.

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Posted by Ross Bryant

Ross worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at the University of Lincoln. He wrote for the site between October and December 2012.