• Lund-lead

    Jeaneen Lund: Florence Welch

Diplo, Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk all hanging out with Jeaneen Lund

Posted by James Cartwright,

I’m not really interested in pictures of celebs – A-listers, Z-listers or otherwise – but I go completely weak at the knees for a well-groomed musician (they’re not real celebs) poised in front of the camera, ready for action. So witnessing the boys from Justice staring erotically against a wood-panelled backdrop, Florence Welch curtsying by an LA poolside and Snoop Dogg (now Lion) looking positively tearful in a darkened room is absolutely my cup of tea. And all these glorious images can be found in the portfolio of Holywood photographer Jeaneen Lund, alongside a pensively smoking Diplo, Daft Punk in the desert and our Adele working hard at cracking America. Awesome stuff!

  • Lund-1

    Jeaneen Lund: will.i.am

  • Lund-2

    Jeaneen Lund: Snoop Dogg

  • Lund-3

    Jeaneen Lund: Animal Collective

  • Lund-4

    Jeaneen Lund: Bat For Lashes

  • Lund-5

    Jeaneen Lund: Diplo

  • Lund-6

    Jeaneen Lund: Daft Punk

  • Lund-8

    Jeaneen Lund: Justice

  • Lund-9

    Jeaneen Lund: Sparks


Posted by James Cartwright

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