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    Jen Garrido

Soak up the saturated Californian sunshine in Jen Garrido's fancy oil paintings!

Posted by Anya Lawrence,

Sat shivering down to my bones, hat and scarf no longer an optional accessory but a necessity, begrudgingly ‘embracing’ the doomed autumn cold that is an English October, it is hard (and frankly all rather enviable) to imagine that a couple of thousand miles away the world’s luckier half are prancing around in golden rays of sunshine.

But before you start to begrudge all those lucky bronzed individuals, wandering about with ice creams and lilos likes it’s nobody’s business, take a look at Los Angeles born artist, Jen Garrido. With her seriously impressive oil paintings brimming with bold and bright colours you can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, all that sunshine can’t be doing her that badly!

Overlaying beautifully contrasting colours to create heavily texturised compositions, Jen is obviously a talented lady, and with her oil paintings literally saturated in Californian sunshine, we’d rather marvel at than envy her anyway.

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    Jen Garrido

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    Jen Garrido


Posted by Anya Lawrence

Anya joined us as an editorial intern straight from Cardiff University and wrote for the site between August and October 2012.