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    Jillian Tamaki: Aesop’s Leopard for The New York Times (detail)

Illustration: Jillian Tamaki's arresting work goes large across The New York Times

Posted by James Cartwright,

It must be an incredibly satisfying endorsement of your talents when a publication with the heavyweight clout of The New York Times decides to use your illustration in a completely new and challenging fashion. Jillian Tamaki’s already a big hitter in the US illustration world, but even so the paper’s recent decision to paste her imagery wide across the centre of a double-page, broadsheet spread is testament to the power of her illustrative skills and ability to communicate swiftly and wordlessly.

But no wonder really. A quick glance at the image tells you all you need to know about the elegance of Jillian’s work. Even when she’s communicating ideas as hard-hitting as the ecological decline of our planet there’s still room for beauty in there. Meanwhile articles that illustrate retirement plans have room for careful aesthetic consideration; the end result something you’d happily have hung on your wall. There’s not many editorial illustrators out there with such a delicate balance of intelligence and craft, which makes Jillian a valuable part of the visual landscape.

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    Jillian Tamaki: You Can Take It With You

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    Jillian Tamaki: Wood Kid – The Golden Age

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    Jillian Tamaki: Wood Kid – The Golden Age

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    Jillian Tamaki: Wood Kid – The Golden Age

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    Jillian Tamaki: Aesop’s Leopard for The New York Times


Posted by James Cartwright

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