• Guo-lead-rosemary

    Jingyao Guo: Rosemary’s Baby (detail)

Jingyao Guo’s black and white washes of famous girls from films

Posted by Anna Trench,

Jingyao Guo draws from the movies. Although the majority of the Brooklyn-based illustrator’s site is composed of bright paintings of smiling figures (and a moody Bowie), underneath there’s a small section dedicated to black and white portraits of famous girls from films – and Jingyao’s mum. These monochrome stills freeze Annie Hall, Lolita, Shosanna and Rosemary in delicate fading washes. We’d like Jingyao to draw all the girls from classic celluloid history like this, please.

  • Jingyao_guo_lolita

    Jingyao Guo: Lolita

  • Annie_hall_jingyao_guo

    Jingyao Guo: Annie Hall

  • Rosemary001_2048

    Jingyao Guo: Rosemary’s Baby

  • Mama_2048

    Jingyao Guo: Mama

  • Putting-out-the_-fire002_2048-1

    Jingyao Guo: Putting Out the Fire


Posted by Anna Trench

Anna is a writer and illustrator who joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Cambridge University and Falmouth university. She wrote for the site between January and March 2013.