Film: Craftsmanship and men's fashion collide in this stylish film with Job Wouters

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

Job Wouters is a calligrapher, artist and illustrator based in Amsterdam, who has made creating large-scale typographic murals his thing. His aesthetic combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary minimalist edge, which might explain why Italian brand Canali chose to collaborate with him to celebrate their anniversary in this short video for Nowness, in which he creates 80 calligraphic pieces – one for every year of the brand’s existence. The slick simplicity of the video’s composition paired with his unfaltering brush makes for dangerously dreamy, almost hypnotic watching which makes even glancing down at the predictability of your keyboard again entirely unappealing. You’ve been warned.

If you fancy familiarising yourself with his work then you can also see the brilliant talk he gave with his equally talented brother Roel at our annual creative Symposium Here back in 2012. It’s available to watch in full now on our audio-visual channel First Broadcast.

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    Job Wouters: Contours, for Canali

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    Job Wouters: Contours, for Canali

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    Job Wouters: Contours, for Canali

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    Job Wouters: Contours, for Canali

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    Job Wouters: Contours, for Canali


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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