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    Joe Cruz: Build People

Artist and illustrator Joe Cruz had us at hello with his wonderful work

Posted by Rob Alderson,

There are times when editorial discussions at It’s Nice That HQ can get a little longwinded, when we are split on whether we should post something and debates become like a byzantine Yalta parody (little history ref for you there). But there are other sun-kissed days when we are all as one and we can open our arms to someone’s work with fraternal (sexist) accord. This was very much the case with Joe Cruz whose work had us all at hello. The freelance artist, illustrator and textile designer makes sweetly surreal posters and he also has a brilliant eye for remixing found objects with glorious flashes of colour – the proliferation of near-misses of this kind of work proves just how tricky a skill it really is.

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    Joe Cruz: Rise & Fall

  • Tumblr_lxjf8qpzon1qcpj61

    Joe Cruz: Rise & Fall

  • Tumblr_lxjf67befy1qcpj61

    Joe Cruz: Rise & Fall

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    Joe Cruz: Pastel Portraits II

  • Tumblr_m3gmlxkeq51qcpj61

    Joe Cruz: Pastel Portraits II

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    Joe Cruz: Pastel Portraits

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    Joe Cruz: Fruitful Thinking

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    Joe Cruz: Mary at House of Fraser

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    Joe Cruz: Mary at House of Fraser


Posted by Rob Alderson

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