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    JP Carvalho: Volcano

Quietly beautiful volcanic landscapes from photographer JP Carvalho

Posted by James Cartwright,

By the looks of his portfolio JP Carvalho is something of a nomad. His photographs chronicle journeys through desolate landscapes thick with snow, battered by the elements and largely void of human presence. Each set of images sees JP placed in alien surroundings, the only witness to unobserved worlds. Within these worlds rusted caravans and torched cars are the only evidence of life, giving the viewer a Deliverance-like sense of unease; what sadistically minded degenerate lurks behind that canoe?

Stand-out amongst his projects is Volcano, a meandering trail over an igneous landscape of ambiguous locality, neither discernibly terrestrial or lunar. Tonally flat, these ten images are punctuated by subtle streaks of sulphuric yellows and reds, quietly hinting at the churning molten rock below.

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    JP Carvalho: Volcano

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    JP Carvalho: Volcano

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    JP Carvalho: Volcano

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    JP Carvalho: Volcano


Posted by James Cartwright

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