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    Mmmmmmm, Diamond Jubilee Goodness

Marking the Queen's Big Day with a bumper round up of creative Jubilexcellence - bring on the bunting

Posted by Rob Alderson,

We Brits are a strange bunch. 99% of the time if you asked the average person in the street almost nobody would even really have an opinion on the monarchy – maybe, maybe the odd grumble about taxes or a vague blathering about history and tourism. But offer us a couple of days off on their behalf and suddenly we’re all bunting-bedecked, foaming-at-the-mouth uber-Royalists, prepared to lay our red, white and blue bodies on the line to protect our glorious leader, her family members and their funny little dogs. Naturally whenever such a fever grips the nation, the creative community are quick to join in and we’ve seen all manner of right royal responses. Here’s some of the work that’s rolled in. Merry jubilee everyone!

Oh, and just in case your appetite isn’t sated by our selection, check out two run-downs of Jubilee products on The Guardian and the New Statesman and a slightly more tenuous but still excellent list of royal-related advertising and design on D&AD.

  • Dsc01366

    Sarah Ward: Buckingham Palace Pizza Box model

  • Dsc01370

    Sarah Ward: Buckingham Palace Pizza Box model

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    Katharina Haeberle: Jubilee Artwork (@curl1982)

  • Screen-shot-2012-06-01-at-14_50

    The Daily Telegraph website

  • Morris

    Bracketpress – William Morris on The Queen’s Speech poster

  • Morris2

    Bracketpress – William Morris on The Queen’s Speech poster

  • Time-out

    Sir Peter Blake: Time Out cover


Posted by Rob Alderson

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