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    Julie Blackmon: Olive & Market St

Lose yourself by delving into Julie Blackmon's fantasies of everyday realities

Posted by Ross Bryant,

Many people draw inspiration from their everyday life experiences, but what happens to the element of fantasy? In a culture driven by a relentless will to live in the moment, it can be hard to step back and find the spaces to find ourselves. Julie Blackmon has realised this, creating momentary spaces in her photography that “fuses fantasy with reality in order to observe the mythic amid the chaos.”

The apparent chaos of her endearing family life acts as a starting point, recreating the storm children and responsibility can bring to a life; dance classes, sleepovers, play, work and love – they all require an immediate, selfless focus while living in a culture that is “self-obsessed.” The navigation between these two factors is where Julie comes into her own, portraying the recognisable sticky, jam-covered moments of helter-skelter family life with the surrealist, harmonised fantasies of a dreamer.

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    Julie Blackmon: Candy

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    Julie Blackmon: Homegrown food

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    Julie Blackmon: The Power of Now

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    Julie Blackmon: Baby Toss

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    Julie Blackmon: Airstream

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    Julie Blackmon: Girl Across the street

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    Julie Blackmon: Wicker Swing

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    Julie Blackmon: Birds at home

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    Julie Blackmon: Camouflage

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    Julie Blackmon: Snow Day


Posted by Ross Bryant

Ross worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at the University of Lincoln. He wrote for the site between October and December 2012.