The Jullien Brothers return with more animated madness for Niwouinwouin

Posted by James Cartwright,

You know the feeling, you’re on the way to pick up the latest in smartphone technology only to find yourself overtaken by a host of bizarre-looking Wacky Races-style characters bent on preventing you from your goal. Try as you might there’s just no way to get to the shop in time to make that all-important purchase. COULD ANYTHING BE MORE INFURIATING?! No. Thankfully revenge rears its icy head with expert comic timing and makes everything ok. Actually this probably doesn’t sound all that familiar, but it is the premise to the Jullien Brother’s latest video for their band Niwouinwouin and is (obviously, it’s Jean Jullien) well worth a watch.

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    The Jullien Brothers: The Phone

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    The Jullien Brothers: The Phone

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    The Jullien Brothers: The Phone


Posted by James Cartwright

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