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    Jump Studios: Guinness submarine interior

Jump Studios kit out submarine as Guinness bar for brand's 250th anniversary

Posted by Rob Alderson,

We’ve all met travel bores, the kind of people for whom gap year one-upmanship is an all-consuming obsession. You’ve done a charity project helping South American orphans? They’re worshipped as a deity by an entire African tribe. You’ve eaten crickets? They’ve eaten stegosaurus. You’ve climbed Kilimanjaro? They ran up Everest. Naked.

But imagine if when next confronted by such a specimen you were able to oh so casually drop in that you’d had some drinks on a customised submarine bar? Well that’s not impossible thanks to the brilliant Jump Studios who created the deep-sea Guinness bar for the drinks’ giant’s 250th anniversary which had its maiden voyage into the icy depths of off the Swedish coast recently.

The 11 metre squared space was designed to reflect Guinness’ Alive Inside slogan and the glass reinforced plastic interior was designed to make thirsty seafarers feel they were “immersed in a dynamic, flowing experience.” Sadly only competition winners were able to enjoy the sub first-hand and we hope they made the most out of the unusual night out.

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    Jump Studio: Guinness submarine exterior

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    Jump Studios: Guinness Submarine (diagram)

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    Jump Studios: Guinness Submarine (diagram)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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