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    Juno Calypso: Popcorn Venus

Juno Calypso's pastel vignettes are bizarre and beautiful in equal measure

Posted by James Cartwright,

Meet Joyce, the bizarre alter-ego of London-based artist Juno Calypso. Joyce lives in a world of tacky finger buffets and unfulfilling desk jobs that take place in environments lacquered with muted pastel shades. She has everything a gal could wish for but just can’t seem to manage a smile. Juno created Joyce as a means of exploring constructed and societally enforced femininity, placing her within these familiar, but alien surroundings to mirror her own feelings about the pressures of womanhood. It’s a tricky subject tackled with real photographic flair, and with tongue always firmly in cheek.

  • Juno-1

    Juno Calypso: Reception

  • Juno-2

    Juno Calypso: Massage

  • Juno-3

    Juno Calypso: Agency

  • Juno-4

    Juno Calypso: Check-In

  • Juno-5

    Juno Calypso: Artificial Sweetener

  • Juno-6

    Juno Calypso: A Modern Hallucination

  • Juno-7

    Juno Calypso: Popcorn Venus


Posted by James Cartwright

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